Happy Holidays Mother Earth!

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Frame of Mind has never been SO green!  Get ready to enjoy this two-month FOM Series featuring my Assemblage work: turning consumer waste into fine art!  These items destined for landfills have found new life in 3-D paintings.  And, they’ve never been SO blue.  What lies beneath will fill our gallery for your viewing pleasure.  Water…everywhere!


I will present a two-part exhibition of work created almost entirely from post-consumer materials collected from friends and family. During the December FOM Series, I am asking the community to participate in an assemblage I will create by donating eyewear that you no longer need.  I plan to unveil the new work as a part of the January FOM Series during First Thursdays on Main.

Without this determination to cherish and protect our community, our state, our nation, and our planet by reducing, reusing, and recycling, we won’t be able to enjoy the waters which refresh and sustain us. So, as a fitting complement to my recycled art, Frame of Mind is proud to introduce you to the work of one of Columbia’s favorite alternative performers and renowned local grower of coral, Chris Carney.  He describes his plans for this two-part FOM Series this way, “There is another world beneath the skin of the ocean. A place that covers more than half of our planet still remains a mystery. This is what I strive to capture. Vignettes of a place many will never see with their own eyes and few will be able to describe. These are not glass boxes; these are snapshots to a world I love, a place I’d like you to know. Dive in, explore.”

A graduate of the University of South Carolina’s Marine Sciences program, Chris owns A Fish Store, a full-service fish and aquarium shop specializing in saltwater fish/aquariums, freshwater fish/aquariums, corals, ponds, design/fabrication/installation/maintenance services.  He is also an assistant SCUBA instructor with Wateree Dive Center.  For the FOM Series installations and exhibits, he plans to showcase mostly tank-raised livestock/corals.  His work will be available for purchase, but custom options are available as well.


For our outdoor entertainment, FOM is proud to feature Columbia’s own DJ Deft Key of Entropy Studios, Raymond Howard. Deft Key’s shows are full of the energy and sounds of global beats and dubstep, and this month, we get to hear some holiday themed tunes, as well! For a sampling, check out his music on http://soundcloud.com/deftkey. His CD is available for purchase at our December event. Entropy studios is a recording/production studio that was founded in the fall of 2011 by Raymond Howard, Timothy Miller, and Jeramie Conrad. A unique type of studio with services ranging from simple recording/tracking to full production including song creation, adding audio to film, voice overs and foley, their mission is to provide a fully operational studio capable of facilitating any and all audio needs for musicians, film producers, theatrical directors, and voice actors both regionally and internationally. Their menu of services include: recording, tracking, mixing, mastering, voice-overs, composition, songwriting, foley, DJ services, live sound/lighting, post-production audio for film and video, album art, logo design, photography services, merchandise design, band photos, business cards, and flier design. Please visit Deft Key on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/deft.key.3?fref=ts or Entropy Studios on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheEntropyStudios?fref=ts .

Food Outdoors: your favorites and a few new additions!

Paradise Ice-sweet treats/organic ice custard and Italian ice Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse-outside service, 2 Fat 2 Fly Food Truck, Bone-In Artisan Food Truck, KC’s Hotdogs, NNB Barbeque, Crepes and Croissants, and J Gumbos

First Thursdays Cruise In

Come check out what has become a signature piece of First Thursdays on Main’s activities, the official Cruise In. The 1500 and 1600 Blocks of Main Street get taken over by classics and customs of all types, shapes, and age. For December’s First Thursday event, the classic Christmas theme will abound. As always, First Thursdays Cruise In is brought to you by Curran Stone/Cartoys Auto Spa and Mark Plessinger/Frame of Mind.